Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lovely things kids say...

So I've been teaching summer school this week for kids that will be entering 1st grade.  I love spending some time with the little ones because they say some pretty stinkin' hilarious things.  Today one of the little boys in my class who is from Africa had a little piece of wood in his mouth (I think it came from the woodchips on the playground).  I asked him to spit it out and he said it tasted like 'nugget chickens.'  That's right, nugget chickens.  All of the other kids thought it was a riot and they all started repeating 'nugget chickens' and rolling on the floor.

And yesterday one of the cutest little Somali girls ever was telling me about her upcoming tennis lessons.  We were talking about what she planned to wear to her lesson.  She said she would get to choose, but no matter what she wore she hoped there would be a changing room because 'no one wants to see my privates.'

I'm sure that there will be many more lovely and hilarious things that these kiddos will say over the next 3 weeks of summer school! 

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