Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A lovely ending...

Tonight was my last night of BSF for the year.  BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship, which is an international organization with men's, women's and young adult's Bible studies.  Every Tuesday night since last September I have been meeting with other young adults throughout the Twin Cities to study the Bible and worship together.  Our topic this year was the book of Acts, although we ended up going through many other New Testament books as well.  I found the group of girls that I met with to be a great source of knowledge and encouragement as we studied and prayed together.  I learned so much about being bold in my faith and living a lifestyle that glorifies God.  I even filled an entire composition notebook with notes from the lectures I heard each week! 

The last note in my composition notebook - it says it all!

It's always a tricky thing to come to the end of something.  One part of me is glad that I'll get my Tuesday nights back again, while the other part of me is sad that another season of my life is over.  This summer I'll miss the regularity of meeting each week, but at least I'll have my 32 weeks worth of lovely notes to look through and learn from again!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A lovely remodel...

My bathroom (sans shower) just after
 being painted.
I've lived in my house for close to 8 years now, and for 7 of those years my house did not have a shower.  Yes, that meant that every day instead of hopping into a refreshing shower I was filling the tub with lukewarm water, just like a little kid.  I finally had had enough this last fall and decided I was finally ready to take the plunge and remodel the bathroom to incorporate a shower.  Thankfully, I was able to hire one of my brothers to do the remodeling for me. 

All the 'stuff' in my living room.

The first day of the project began on my first day of school with students.  I left that morning with my house in perfect order and returned that afternoon to remodeling chaos!  My organized self had a real hard time with all the 'stuff' involved in remodeling.

What I came home to on the first
day of school.
Since this is my only bathroom, I ended up washing my hair in the kitchen sink each day and heading to my parent's house for showers.  Kind of crazy for the first few weeks of school!  The remodel took about 2 and a half weeks, so that meant a lot of trips to my parent's house!

My lovely new shower!
It was well worth the frustration, though, because after all the dust was vacuumed up, the paint touched up, and the grout was dry, I ended up with a lovely remodeled bathroom including a SHOWER!

Every morning as I step into my warm shower I take a deep breath and remind myself how thankful I am for this new addition to my home.  I have yet to take a bath again since getting my shower....and I don't plan to any time soon!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A lovely lamp...

Check out my new lamp!  Isn't it lovely?!?  Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore anything that is turquoise, and when I saw this lamp I knew it would be a perfect addition to my bedroom.  I really like finding unique pieces for decorating my home.  I got this from Target, so I guess I can't count this as being the one-of-a-kind type of unique, but I'm OK with that since it's the pretty kind of unique!

Sometimes it can be really hard for me to make a decorating decision because I want it to look just right.  Thankfully, this decision only took two trips to Target - one time when I first discovered it and a second time to actually decide that I loved and it had to add it to my home. 

In the almost eight years that I've lived in my house I have been slowly decorating my bedroom.  I have just one thing left to do - find a piece of artwork for above my bed.  Once I have that sorted out I will post a picture of the finished look!  In the meantime, I will enjoy my new lovely lamp!