Sunday, April 22, 2012

A lovely reading fort...

So, during I Love to Read week at my school I was trying to find something fun and different to get my third graders excited about reading.  That's when I remembered a fun idea that a friend of mine told me she had once done with her first grade students in another school district - build a reading fort!

I had all of my students bring a blanket and pillow to school.  The mound of all their blankets and pillows overflowed off of the table as they brought them into the classroom in the morning.  There was excitement in the air all morning as we looked forward to building our fort after lunch.  The kids were totally pumped!

We draped all the blankets over the desks and chairs.  I thought that we could use their textbooks to hold the blankets in place, but that didn't work out so well since the desktops are too slippery and the books weren't heavy enough.  So I quickly whipped out the masking tape and started taping the blankets to the desks. 

 Once the fort was built the kids got their book bins and found a cozy spot to read inside of the fort.  They were absolutely thrilled - What a lovely way to read a book!

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  1. If I was in your class, that reading fort would have automatically made you my favorite teacher! (Though I'm sure you would already have been my favorite teacher...) :) Awesome idea! I'm totally copying that with my nanny kids - I mean, forts are always cool but to tie it with reading - that's a win-win! :)