Monday, April 23, 2012

A lovely bit of comic relief...

Yesterday I spent the day helping my youngest brother move to Wisconsin.  He had been living in Wyoming and Colorado for the past few years and storing his things in my basement.  Now that he has his own apartment, my mom, dad, and I helped him pack up a load of his furniture onto a truck to bring to WI.

The pickup truck was backed halfway into my garage while we packed.  As I made my way around the side of the truck I just so happened to step on the bristles of my push broom, which was leaning against the wall.  In total '3 Stooges style' the broom handle came flinging up and hit me smack dab in my left eye!  Immediately, I started both laughing and crying as my eye began throbbing - I just couldn't decide what my response should be!  I was able to open my eye and I could see without any issue, so I finally settled on laughter.  As soon as I was full-fledged laughing my family joined in with me.  Thankfully I am totally OK and it didn't even bruise at all, but I'm pretty sure that I'd never be able to recreate that 3 Stooges moment again!

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